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Difference between One piece Toilets Vs Two piece Toilets

First thing first , let me explain what is one piece toilet and what is two piece toilet. The main functionality of both the toilet are flush out the waste from human body.

A water closet consist of three parts, they are bowl , pedestal and a tank. Pedestal of the toilet is to give the required height for the toilet. Bowl in the toilet is designed to collect the waste and flush out the waste to the drain pipe line. Tank is to store the water and provide required pressure to flush out the waste from toilet.

If the toilet and tank is fused together without any joints then the toilet is known as one piece toilet. It is also known as single piece toilet.

If the toilet and tank are separate and joined using fittings then it is known as two piece toilet. it is also called as coupled toilets.

Find ten types of toilets here.
Now let’s dive into the comparison..

One Piece
Two Piece


When we buy anything price will be considered a major point. One piece toilets will be much higher price than the two piece toilet. Because of the Production difficulties to produce an one piece is much higher than producing a two piece toilet. so the cost of one piece toilet is double than a two piece toilet. The winner is Two piece toilet.

Design availability

Normally both the toilets are available in similar designs. As you can see in the below two models of toilets, design of the toilet are same but you can get single piece or coupled closet, that is your choice. So design wise both are same.

Aesthetic look

When you compare between coupled closet and single piece toilet based on look, then definitely one piece toilet is a clear winner as the product made with out any joint or gap between tank and body.


One piece toilets are designed to with hold the ceramic tank during firing cycle in production cycle so in design itself the products are higher in weight. Normally the weight of a single piece toilet is around 40 Kgs(88 Pounds). A two piece toilet weight is around 25Kgs (55 Pounds). so with solid mass the winner is one piece toilet when comparing weight.

Mounting options

As we seen before the weight of a one piece toilet is higher when comparing to a two piece toilet, because of the more weight one piece can’t be hanged in wall. So for coupled closets you can get wall mount and floor mount models, but for one piece only floor models will be available. So if you are looking for a wall hung model then you have to go for two piece toilet.


The size difference between one piece toilets and two piece toilets are not much as both are nearly same in size. But if you look at transportation option then two piece can be easier because you can get toilet and tank separately. Height of the both toilets are around 400 MM (15.7 Inch).


Functionality of the both toilets are not depend upon the toilet model. It depends upon flushing mechanism used  in the toilet and design of the toilet. So one piece and two piece toilet are getting equal points in this comparison.


About installation we can look in two views,

1. One is, if you Look at installation of toilet and fittings then one piece is much easier to install compared to two piece toilet because the toilet and tank are already connected so no need of any mechanism to connect. Two piece toilet fitting is not much easier as one piece toilet because tank and toilet fitting need to be done carefully to avoid water leakage and proper flush functioning.

2. Second one is moving a one piece is much difficult when compared to two piece because of the very high weight. But moving a two piece toilet is easier because toilet and tank can be moved separately.


Due to less fittings in one piece toilet the maintenance is very less. In two piece toilet problem may arise in tank and toilet joint areas.

Cleaning is comparably easy in one piece toilet because of the no joint and no gap design. but cleaning has to be taken care in two piece toilet & tank joint areas.

Other Points

(i) Glaze color are depends upon the toilet manufacturer, normally one piece and two piece toilets are available in white and ivory color. If you are looking for double color and different colors you have to look for china made toilets.

(ii) Both the toilets you can get seat cover as soft close seat cover as well as hard close seat cover.

(iii) Both the toilets can be available in ‘P’ Trap and ‘S’ Trap.
When comparing difference between the one piece toilet and two piece toilet more points favors to the one piece toilet. So if you are OK to spend little more money then definitely go for one piece toilet.

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What is Sanitary ware? Definition & Meaning


Sanitary ware is a division of ceramic wares. It is proven that ceramic sanitaryware wares are cost effective and good for long run. Sanitary wares can with stand more than 400 kg load and excellent resistance to chemical attacks. Sanitaryware items can be easily cleaned because of its glossy surface properties.

What is sanitary ware products?

Sanitaryware items are made up of ceramic ware that used in bathrooms. Some of the sanitary ware products are:

  • Toilets.
  • Washbasins.
  • Pedestals.
  • Bidet.
  • Urinals.
  • Sinks.
  • Bath tubs.

Accessories like:

  • Soap holder/trays.
  • Ash trays.
  • Towel Rod.
  • Toilet paper holder.

And some other products are made by ceramics.

Sanitaryware Meaning

Sanitary – Hygienic and Clean.
Ware – Product / article

Sanitaryware Definition

Sanitaryware is a vitreous China body fired above 1200°C to get the required sanitary model to use for domestic and industrial purpose.


Some of the essential properties that are required for sanitaryware body. Water absorption should be below 0.5%. Can with stand minimum of 400 Kgs load. Good glossy surface for easy cleaning.

Sanitary Ware is made using three main components.

1) Clay

  •  Ball clay
  • China clay

2) Quartz
3) Feldspar

All this raw materials are mixed in proper position, casted and fired to get final sanitary ware product.  Some of the Sanitary ware products are Wash basins, pedestals, Urinals, Wall hung, one piece toilet, bath tubs and toilet tanks.

Sanitary ware are made in different colors as per the requirement. it can bear heavy load and has good scratch resistance property.

Sanitary ware comes in variety of designs and variety of shape and sizes.

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Proper Maintenance of Ceramic Items in the Bathroom

Ceramic and porcelain accessories are very popular in the bathroom. Ceramic tiling is so popular because it is known that they are easy to clean and take care of, so long as your version of cleaning and taking care of it is the proper way. As for the rest of the fixtures, they can be difficult to take care of, sometimes.

The Flooring

The first step in keeping your bathroom well-maintained and beautiful, is to sweep your floor! As simple as it sounds, it is strangely easy to forget. You should do this every so often so you can avoid grounding in the dirt to the tile and grout. If you have textured tiles, you may face the trouble of them holding more dirt than the normal tiles.

Mopping the floor assists in keeping the tile nice and clean. The water helps keep the tile shiny and brand new. If you use a cleaning product, be sure to follow the directions. You should definitely not use steel wool or sandpaper.

You should be extremely cautious when moving heavy items. If not, you could chip, scratch, and dig into the tiles and/ or grout. Protective pads are strongly recommended to avoid those possible outcomes. It is recommended to get good mats to prevent the spread of dirt or other substances that could get tracked in.

The Countertops

As opposed to the flooring, countertops are not as easy to maintain. You have to immediately and regularly clean the tiles in the occurrence of a spill or stain. A simple wash rag can take care of the daily cleaning, but you should use special tile cleaner once a week just to get the deep clean.

To clean the sink, you should use a typical bathroom to remove dirt. If you have spilled toothpaste, you should use a cleaner with bleach to help sanitize it as well.

Tile Shower

The DIY Network has a few suggestions of how to clean your tile shower/ bathtub. To begin, they tell us to cover the tub area with a layer of bathroom cleaner and allowing it to sit while you clean elsewhere. By letting it sit, the cleaner will more deeply dissolve oils and soaps. While you wait for it to sit, you can use scrubbing pads to get rid of the bathtub rings.

There are specific brushes meant for tile use, which feature a handle that protects the hand from contact with the tub. The brush can be used on grout and makes it easy to reach cracks and corners. You can also use a toothbrush as a substitution – it works just as well.

The Toilet

Although it is gross, it has to be done. You should begin with a liquid toilet bowl cleaner and let it sit to dissolve and kill the germs. You should then take your sturdy bowl brush and give it a good scrub. Disinfecting the toilet is easy enough with a simple disinfecting spray or an all-purpose cleaner. You should spray the toilet rim, seat, lid, tank, and bowl exterior.

What Not To Do

According to the Orton Maintenance Guide, there are five things that you should absolutely not do.

  1. You should not use Steel Wool or abrasive powders if you do not want scratches or dull tiles.
  2. You should not use chemicals with acids, as they can hurt both the finish on the tile as well as the grout.
  3. You should not use bleach or ammonia to clean your tiles. By doing so, you can change the color of the grout (which is probably not preferred).
  4. You should not use an excessive amount of water to clean the tiles. If you use too much or let the water sit for too long, it can (and probably will) hurt the grout and/or underlayment of the floor.
  5. You should not let food or grease sit on tiling for any amount of time. If you let them sit, you could end up causing a stain on the tile.