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ORTONBATH™ BLACK GLASS Bathroom Radiators Wall Mounted Electric Dryer Heated Towel Warmer Rack WITH SMART SCREEN OTFA-BK202

Orton towel heater is a wall-mounted heating solution disguised as a work of art. This sleek and slim panel heater emits gentle, natural infrared radiant heat to comfortably warm your space in a matter of minutes. The addition of a chromed and polished towel rack make it an impressive, multifunctional addition to any space.


– Dry towel and keep it warm.
– Remove damp and odors.
– Prevent mold, mildew and the musty smell on towels.
– Keep your towel fresh and clean after use.
– Maintain your towels colorfast to avoid fading.
– Low energy operation – power than a light bulb.
– Totally safe – heated with dry element technology.

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