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ORTONBATH™ Brass 9 – Piece Bathroom Hardware Bathroom Accessories Set OTFM1600

Brass alloy is currently the best material for the bathroom accessories. Especially the environmental protection copper, which is the most high-end material. Because of its rare and preserving property and its good metal process-ability, it has been the preferred material for many household products since ancient times. Particularly, the H59 and H62 environmental copper are the best materials to make the bathroom accessories. Because of the good plating layer, the product after electroplating can be very amazing. Because the adhesion of this material is very strong, so it can ensure good electroplating effect more than 5 years. In addition, the alloy copper has good metal processing performance, which can be punched into different product shapes according to different patterns. This has a greater breakthrough and innovation in the product modeling. Brass bathroom accessories are environmentally friendly, and the craft can make the accessories have long service life.

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