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ORTONBATH™ Farmhouse Ceramic SINGLE round bowl UNDERMOUNT Kitchen Sink Basket Strainer Waste

Orton The SINGLE Bowl kitchen sink combines great looks with elegance. It’s twin extra large deep bowls are ideal for washing pans and trays that won’t fit in the dishwasher. Made from fire-clay ceramic providing superior strength while it’s smooth high gloss finish looks stunning.


  • FFC Raw materials is imported from the UK that has passed a high temperature of 1600°C.
  • FFC sink grouting through a high-pressure line, and then fired in a high-temperature 120m tunnel kiln at 1260°C.
  • We have a freezing room to simulate an extreme use environment, first put the finished product at -30°C for more than 2 hours, and then pour it with 100°C boiling water to ensure that the product can pass the temperature difference of 130°C.
  • Passed the anti-fouling test: Tested at 23°C for 16 hours, there is no visible change.
  • Passed the Crazing Resistance: No glaze cracks.
  • Passed the Thermal Shock Resistance: Test 130°C to 0°C cycle ten times, no cracks or peeling.
  • Passed the Water Absorption: Binli FFC sink test result is 9.06%. FFC sink meets the standard with in 15%.
  • Passed the Impact Strength: 225g steel balls fall from the height of 500mm and 800mm respectively, no cracked.

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