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ORTONBATH™ Half frosted shower glass door bathroom contemporary glass door etched tempered glass enclosure OTC6060S

Orton carry a wide range of installation options allow you to design a shower that fits your aesthetic and your space exactly. Customizable for different installation preference. Premium hardware for durability and sturdiness.

  • Assembled size (6mm) thickness, framed walk-in shower design.
  • Material: Thicken clear tempered 4 pieces of glass, aluminium alloy black paint finish and stainless steel bar.
  • Creates an easy to clean long lasting shield on glass surfaces. This coating reduces cleaning time and even cleaning frequency. Nano coating repels water and contaminates, and helps protect against staining and hard water build-up . It is easier to clean and maintenance, yet maintains its high gloss, bright, shiny and clean as new even after long time.
  • The Frameless design makes your bathroom more modern and bright. Also convenient to slide open your shower door using the pull handle. The reversible option on the door allows you to customize the look of your bathroom, depending on user preference. The doors DO NOT allow for any adjustment for out of plumb walls. For proper installation, all walls must be at right angles and be plumb. This will prevent any gaps that may cause leaks and will have everything look perfect and give the installation a nice look that will continue to function for years to come.
  • Installation: Silicone is required during installation and the single panel door is screwed to the wall, and it fits virtually any shower space.
  • Single fixed panel for an open-entry, doorless design, all the hardware are included.

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