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ORTONBATH™ NEW DESIGN WATERMARK WRAS Rimless Comfort Height Wc Sanitary Ware Back to Wall Faced Two Piece Toilet with Short Projection Closed Back Pan FULLY BACK TO WALL TOILET WITH ROUND BOWL OTX8084

The ORTON Two-Piece Toilet features a rear outlet for installations with no floor flange. Its dual-flush function conserves water without compromising on power, while its elongated bowl provides comfort and style.


  • Dual-flush with high-performance gravity 3 / 6 L per flush
  • Specialized Rear Outlet
  • Durable Ceramic Material
  • Elongated bowl offers added room and comfort
  • ORTONBATH™ Soft-Close, Quick-Release Toilet Seat
  • Includes Tank, Bowl, Seat, Wax Ring, Bolt Kit and Cover Caps

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