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Discover the Best Full Length Floor Mirror and Styling Tips for Viewing Your Entire Outfit

Full Length Floor Mirror

In a time when GRWM (Get ready with me), videos, and TikTok are trending worldwide, the use of full length floor mirrors is increasing. The list of full length mirror advantages is not short. The full length floor mirrors are very useful as these mirrors don’t require wall mounting and can stand on the floor. A full length mirror is a trendy decoration element for any space that doesn’t get enough attention. When a full length mirror is used artistically to redefine a space it reflects light and bestows a touch of glamour to any room. Not to mention, it’s a real lifesaver when you’re dressing up! Full length mirror are very versatile and can fit into any decor style. Full length mirror wall is also used to channel positive energy into your home!

Advantages of Full length floor mirror

The list of advantages of full length floor mirror is very long as they are available in different types and varieties. 

Space Illusion

Floor full length mirror are known to create a space illusion and make the space look larger. The Installation of a full length floor mirror reflects more light creating more visual space in your room. Such Mirrors are very useful to place in rooms that have more furniture and less space. These Mirrors require less space as they just need to be placed in a small space while they in turn make the room bright and bigger. In most countries like Russia, Colombia, and Germany such mirrors are used as a decor statement. You can install a full length mirror on the wall next to the dining room table to reflect the chandelier or think of hanging a full length mirror so that it reflects a beloved piece of artwork.

Statement piece

These mirrors have a variety of designs like door mirrors, shapes, and lights. Mirrors are used in many places for decoration and statement pieces. You can use them on furniture, walls, and ceilings, or you can just lean them on. If aced correctly then it will add up a lot to the elegance of your home interior. A full length mirror wall can be used for decoration by framing it with some decorative lights or painting on it. Various types of paints, stickers, and graffiti are on the mirror for too long, what you can do is look at some center parts of the mirror only, but the corners of the mirror are not considered over much. You can add up some art pieces or paint the corners. It will make the mirror look attractive though we can paint it in a manner that it mixes with the walls and adds elegance to your interior.

Full view advantage

While there are several benefits to having a full length mirror in your home, a significant benefit among all is the comfort of being able to view yourself from head to toe. The best part is there is no need for you to tiptoe to check whether your shoes are working with your outfit. 


Yet another benefit of a full length wall mirror is its feature to reflect light. The best way to use such a mirror is to place it opposite a window or other light source, you can bounce light around the room and create a brighter, more welcoming space. This can be especially useful in rooms that don’t get a lot of natural light. Door mirrors are known to create that effect. 

Types of full length floor mirror

There are several types of full length floor mirror. Some of these are as follows:

Standing Mirror

Standing mirrors are an excellent solution for people who want versatility and mobility. Orange Tree Home offers a variety of standing full length wall mirror with sturdy frames and sleek designs that complement any decor. An arched standing mirror is considered to be the best full length mirror.

Arched Full Length Venetian Mirror

Venetian arch mirror full length mirror is often famous for its vintage look and excellent craftsmanship but the little bit we do know is that the Venetian mirror is popular as a mirror that includes a crown around its mirror. A simple mirror is ideally not good for home decor to be excellent in the interior your home needs to be decorated with the best as you are. Thus, Venetian is the interior which will be the focal point of any room, and a full length mirror for bedroom. The best thing about a full length Venetian arch mirror full length mirror is that it comes as a wall-mounted as well as a standing mirror. A Venetian mirror is the best option for renovating home decor and could be used as a show-off in a mirror selfie where you can let your show your photos and your perfect mirror.

Plastic bordered mirror

Plastic border mirrors are made to imitate metal or just simply designed to look like metal or a different design. They are considered to be very useful as they are affordable, versatile, and durable. Apart from this, these mirrors are seen to be less space-taking and very useful. Because of its features a plastic border mirror is also called the best full length mirror.

6 tips to use the full length floor mirror in your house

Full-length floor mirrors are not just functional items for checking your outfit before heading out; they can also be powerful design elements that elevate the aesthetic of your home. Whether you have a small apartment or a spacious house, strategically placing full length floor mirror can add depth, light, and style to your living space. You can create a look with full length wall mirror.

1. Create the Illusion of Space

One of the primary advantages of full length floor mirror is their ability to make a room appear larger than it is. Placing a mirror opposite a window reflects natural light and the outdoor scenery, giving the impression of an expanded space. If you have a smaller room, consider leaning a tall mirror against the wall or installing it as a door full length mirror to instantly open up the area. Even full length mirror cheap can create this illusion of space.  Additionally, mirrors positioned near entryways can create the illusion of a more spacious foyer, making your home feel welcoming and airy.

2. Enhance Natural Lighting

Mirrors are excellent tools for maximizing natural light within a room. Positioning a floor full length mirror strategically can amplify the impact of sunlight, especially in darker or windowless spaces. Place mirrors adjacent to light sources, such as lamps or candles, to bounce and distribute the light throughout the room. Buy a full length mirror online. This not only brightens up the space but also creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. You can also use it as door full length mirror. Consider placing a mirror opposite a chandelier or pendant light to create a dazzling effect, enhancing the overall ambiance.

3. Accentuate Architectural Features

Use full length floor mirror to draw attention to specific architectural elements in your home. Placing a mirror near a fireplace, for instance, can emphasize the grandeur of the mantelpiece and reflect the dancing flames. Similarly, mirrors strategically positioned near intricate moldings or unique wall textures can highlight these features and add a touch of sophistication to your space. Experiment with different angles and placements to find the most complementary arrangement for your home’s distinctive architecture. Plain full length mirror cheap creates exceptional architectural features.

4. Statement Piece in a Room

Investing in a stylish full length floor mirror can turn it into a captivating focal point within a room. Look for mirrors with ornate frames, unique shapes, or interesting details that align with your interior design style. Placing such a mirror in a strategic location, like at the end of a hallway or in the center of a wall, can instantly elevate the room’s visual appeal. You can buy full length mirror online to make a statement piece in the room. Remember that the mirror itself can be a work of art, contributing to the overall aesthetic of your home.

5. Create a Mirrored Wall

For a more dramatic effect, consider creating a mirrored wall using multiple full length floor mirror. This approach works particularly well on full length mirror for bedroom, dressing areas, or home gyms. Arrange the mirrors in a symmetrical pattern to create a cohesive and balanced look. Mirrored walls not only make a bold design statement but also contribute to a sense of luxury and opulence. Be mindful of the room’s overall theme and color palette to ensure that the mirrored wall complements the existing decor.

6. Functional Design in Bedrooms and Dressing Areas

In bedrooms and dressing areas, a full length mirror for bedroom has a practical purpose while adding a touch of glamour. Opt for mirrors with built-in storage, such as jewelry cabinets or hooks for accessories. This not only maximizes functionality but also adds an element of organization to your space. Lean the mirror against a wall or place it on a stylish stand to maintain a sense of flexibility and ease of movement within the room.


Full length floor mirror are versatile and valuable additions to any home. By understanding how to use them strategically, you can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space, create the illusion of more room, and maximize natural light. Whether you choose to make a bold statement with an ornate mirror or prefer a more subtle approach with mirrored walls, the key is to experiment and find what works best for your unique style and living space.

These full length mirror are available in many online stores. A full length mirror IKEA sells is a very affordable piece.