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Enhance Your Cooking Experience with a Model Kitchen Sink

Like any good Samaritan, Ortonbaths recognize that kitchen sinks are a crucial component of any kitchen. They feature enticing modern, minimalistic aesthetics and provide excellent performance and enduring endurance. These designs effortlessly blend the kitchen and decor of any home!

A kitchen sink is necessary whether you are creating or remodelling your kitchen. But before choosing one, you should consider several things to ensure it meets your needs. We thoroughly cover all you need to know about selecting the ideal kitchen sink in the post we’re sharing with you today. Get started now!

How do I Choose a Kitchen Sink Size?

When choosing a sink size, the first factor to consider is space. For instance, a smaller sink will fit nicely in a smaller kitchen, and the opposite is true. The size of the kitchen’s base cabinet is also essential. Remember that a more oversized sink will necessitate a larger base cabinet. Measure the interior of your kitchen cabinet and then deduct 2-3 inches on either side to be sure. If you intend to use the base cabinet for storage, keep in mind to take the sink’s depth into account.

What is the sink’s main purpose, another question to consider? For instance, if you cook frequently, you would want a more extensive, deeper sink to handle all the cookware and utensils used.

What's the Most Popular Sink Style?

Most kitchens’ common types of kitchen sinks are top-mount or drop-in models. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, these sinks are mounted on the upper portion of the kitchen counter. Typically, a hole is cut through the counter material that is large enough to fit the sink.

The sink is next mounted, with the silicone-fastened rim resting on the counter for stability. The capacity of this sink edge to form a rim is where the term “self-rimming” comes from.

Shape- Round or Square?

Kitchen sink bowls can be square, oval, or circular. The typical circular bowls are ideal for any kitchen. Its rounded sides simplify cleaning the sink because they stop dirt from building up in the corners.

In comparison to circular sinks, square basins have greater space. They are heated in a furnace, which increases their flexibility and lessens their hardness, allowing them to tolerate high temperatures and remain durable.

There are single-bowl and double-bowl varieties of Ortonbaths kitchen sinks. A single bowl is generally adequate for a nuclear family’s needs, and a double bowl keeps the kitchen organized in larger homes.

The Ortonbaths two bowl kitchen sinks are perfect for multitaskers since you can place the appropriate saucepan in the large basin while washing veggies in the small basin. The model with two huge basins is ideal if you routinely handle large containers or baking dishes.

If you physically wash your dishes every time or want to utilize the surface to prepare meals, the model with the drainboard is ideal. Your utensils have more room to dry, thanks to it.


They feature enticing modern, minimalistic aesthetics and provide excellent performance and enduring endurance. These designs effortlessly blend the kitchen and décor of any home!

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Buying Guide: Kitchen Sink

Choosing the right kitchen sink is absolutely important, as it’s not something that you replace every year . But with such a wide variety of kitchen sink materials out there, and an even wider range of prices, which one is right for your kitchen? Hope this article helps.

Stainless Steel Sinks

More people buy stainless-steel kitchen sinks than any other type of sink. Stainless steel is a low-carbon steel which contains chromium at 10.5% or more by weight.  The addition of this chromium gives the steel its unique stainless, corrosion-resisting and enhanced mechanical properties.


  • Very durable – corrosion and rust resistant and normally come with lengthy guarantees
  • Usually the cheapest of all the materials
  • Top mount, flush mount and undermount options available
  • Low maintenance



  • Noisy – the thinner the steel the noisier the sink
  • water spots can become an issue
  • Sinks with thin stainless steel are more likely to scratch
  • Can get dented easily if something heavy is dropped in it
  • The best stainless sinks can cost more than other materials

Composite Sinks

When people talk about composite kitchen sinks, they’re usually talking about a granite or quartz composite. Composite sinks are made by combining crushed granite or quartz with a resin filler. The mixture varies depending on the product and manufacturer, but it’s usually around 80% stone and 20% resin.


  • Extremely durable – most composite sinks are heat, stain and scratch resistant
  • Prices are coming down all the time
  • Anti-bacterial surface, resistant to scratches, chips and water stains which is also easy to clean
  • Lengthy guarantees
  • Huge range of colours, sizes and styles available


  • Very hard surface that can damage things that are dropped on it
  • Require careful maintenance
  • Heavier than stainless steel so need a more sturdy worktop

Fireclay Ceramic Sinks

Fireclay sinks are made of clay and minerals and then fired at extreme temperatures, being made by moulding a ceramic clay into the shape of the sink and allowing it to dry at a high temperature for a period of up to 40 hours. Once the clay has dried, the porcelain enamel is applied and the sink is places in a tunnel kiln at an extremely high temperature (in some cases higher than 2000⁰F) for a period of around 20 hours.


Easiest to maintain and keep clean
Extremely durable – heat and stain resistant
Effortlessly stylish
Withstands most household chemicals


The most expensive option
Can chip (although can be repaired)
Very heavy and less choice available
Very hard surface that can damage things that are dropped on it