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Pros and Cons of Acrylic Shower Base

When you install a shower, the first thing to contemplate on is the shower base which will serve as the foundation for the shower enclosure. Therefore it is very crucial to make the right choice. If you select a base that cracks or leaks down the road, the costs can be significant because it may require replacing the entire stall or it might have damage the floor below the base. None can claim that a particular type of shower base is better than the others, with each type having its own benefits, acrylic shower pans are near the top of the list in popularity. Here we discuss the pros and cons of acrylic shower bases.


  • More cost effective than a tile, marble, or solid surface shower base
Since these units are manufactured in larger quantities they will usually cost less than custom tile showers or solid surface units.
  • Light & easy to work with
Most of these bases are set into a mortared base and are much lighter than marble or solid surface pans so they are easier to maneuver around a small bathroom.
  • One-piece: Low maintenance
To clean the acrylic shower base, you can just wipe the entire unit down with soap and water. In addition, there are no grout joints to have to deal with.
  • Non-porous: Waterproof
Unlike showers with tile flooring and mud pans, acrylic is non-porous, so you don’t have to be concerned about waterproofing the base because it’s already waterproofed.
  • Comfortable and warmer than tile
Acrylic stays warm to the touch, so you don’t have the shock of your feet touching a cold material when you enter the shower.
  • Anti-slip:More friendly to Oldman
Acrylic is more anti-slip than tiles. Also, It is not so hard as tiles even if oldman fall down.


  • Not generally associated with high end projects

Most high end luxury homes/hotel will choose tile, stone or solid surface showers vs. acrylic to match the design.

  • Homeowners can’t create custom sizes

Among the most frequently mentioned disadvantages, inflexible sizing ranks high. Since these units are made in standard sizes if you need a custom size acrylic will not be the option for you. Also, because the pans are factory made, the drain locations cannot be varied. In remodeling projects it can be helpful — and save on plumbing costs — to use the old drain location. Since drain locations are pre-set with an acrylic base, you may have to move your existing plumbing.

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