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Examples of Sanitary Ware: A Comprehensive Overview

Examples of Sanitary Ware

Sanitary ware is an umbrella term that refers to sanitary ware like toilets, bathrooms, and kitchens. Thus, sanitary ware is any product that works with pipes and is fixed by a plumber. Sanitary ware is any product in your bathroom that is plumbed in, whether that be a shower, sink, bidet, or toilet. 

What comes under sanitary ware?

Anything is plumbed in the bathroom like sinks, toilets, kitchen sinks, bathroom accessories, etc. There is a wide range of sanitary ware products used worldwide. Originally sanitaryware was made of porcelain. When it comes to choosing the right sanitaryware for your bathroom, it is essential to consider the overall aesthetic of the space. Since the sanitary wares installation instructions are complicated, they are plumbed in the bathroom. The use of sanitary ware has been around for decades. Sanitary ware like sinks and toilets are very popular all over the world. 

The development of the toilet is a story in sanitary history. The first toilet with the possibility of flushing was invented in England in 1596 by Sir John Harrington. He published his ‘The Metamorphosis of Ajax’ in 1595, it described a prototype of a toilet with a flushing system. While sinks have been around for a long time it is undetermined who exactly invented it. People used sinks to stay clean and eventually keep germs and diseases away. They are commonly seen not only in homes, but public areas, schools, and hospitals.

Best bathroom sanitary ware brands

Many Sanitary ware brands are at the top of the market for sanitary ware around the world. These brands are global and provide services around the world. Some of these brands are as follows.


Ortonbaths manufactures designer sanitaryware with a high performance. They have a variety of products that are suited to all budgets and sectors. These include the educational, residential, healthcare, and commercial sectors. Ortonbaths collections boast ultra-modern and stylish designs that are purpose-built to make cleaning easy. If you search for sanitary ware near me in countries like Germany, Russia, and Colombia Orton baths are some of the first results. 

Ortonbaths are manufacturers and sellers of a range of sanitary ware. These toilets are durable, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing. They provide easy cleaning and maintenance, as cracking and chipping are rare. Ortonbaths is a global brand that provides sanitary wear around the world. They have a range of products for bathrooms and kitchens. These products include toilets, basins, mirrors, shower enclosures, faucets, bathroom accessories, vanities, and bathtubs for bathrooms. For the kitchen, they have a wide range of kitchen sinks and faucets. Ortonbaths are very popular in countries like Russia, Colombia, and Germany. Orton Baths is one of the best bathroom sanitary ware brands.

Grohe sanitary ware

GROHE is a global sanitary ware company for complete sanitary ware for bathroom and kitchen fittings. Since 2014 GROHE has been part of the strong brand portfolio of LIXIL, a manufacturer of introducing water and housing products. To offer “ Pure Freude a Wasser ”, every product is grounded on the brand values of quality, technology, design, and sustainability.

The brand offers life-enhancing product results as well as services with its devoted portfolios GROHE QuickFix, GROHE Professional, and its decoration sub-brand GROHE SPA. All cater to the specific requirements of GROHE’s professional business mates and their discerned target groups. Grohe is a Sanitary ware company that provides high-quality products. 

With water at the core of its business, the brand contributes to LIXIL’s Impact Strategy with a resource-saving value chain from CO2-neutral products, the junking of gratuitous plastic in the product packaging, all the way to water- and energy-saving product technologies similar to GROHE Everstream, a water- recirculating shower. With the help of the mongrel communication ecosystem GROHE X, the brand provides further impulses for the assiduity. Whether digitally on the brand experience mecca, physically or mongrel in the GROHE X Brand & Communication Experience Center in Hemer, Germany, or on the road with the GROHE sanitary wear Motion exchanges, the brand connects people to contribute to LIXIL’s purpose to “ make better homes a reality for everyone, far and wide ”.

Cera sanitary ware

Cera sanitary ware is a leading provider of complete home solution products. They are an Indian manufacturer of high-end sanitaryware, faucets, tiles, showers, and wellness solutions. Cera has been awarded for their business, products, and services. Their management team has expertise in various areas. They offer a large collection of products ranging from sanitaryware, faucets, and tiles to wellness solutions like high-end showers, steam cubicles, whirlpools, and more. Every product is a design inspiration resulting from advanced technology combined with innovative processes. Cera is India’s fastest-growing sanitary ware brand, and it also caters to customers globally. Cera focuses on being modern with designs and affordable with price. 

TOTO Europe

The TOTO Sanitary is a global sanitary wear company providing sanitary ware globally and keeping up the quality standards. They have a wide range of porcelain toilets that have a classy design, sturdy construction, durability, and versatility. TOTO has a variety of products for bathrooms and Kitchens. Since, TOTO’s foundation in 1917 in Kitakyushu, Japan, they have developed and sold holistic bathroom products to promote modern looks and systems for bathrooms. If you search for sanitary ware near me in countries like Germany, Russia, and Colombia TOTO Europe are some of the first results. 

From the very beginning, TOTO’s founder Kazuchika Okura pursued the goal of developing ceramic sanitary ware in Japan according to American and European standards. He was inspired by the very undeveloped sanitary situation in Japan, which only had wooden toilets and no sewer system. Today TOTO is a global brand supplying sanitary ware in countries like Germany, Russia, Colombia, Canada, France, etc. 


A faculty for the extraordinary; a design aesthetic that’s contemporary and minimalist and technology that brings it alive, faultlessly. Artize products are conceived by encyclopedically famed contrivers who use Artize’s ‘ artificer ’ approach to creating objects embedded in nature and top-notch design sensibility Inspired by this magical touch of art, the luxury life/ heartiness- the brand Artize aims to produce inspiring artful spaces in an area one infrequently associates with the word ‘ ART ’ – the restroom. This thinking has resulted in numerous achievements for the Artize brand, including winning the prestigious Red Fleck, Good Design, and iF design awards, among others. The collection of sanitary ware for bathroom by Artize. 

Artize is a classic mix of unique designs, minimalistic shapes, and scrupulous homestretches that set new marks in reconsidering the geography of luxury bathrooms. Born From Art, as the name suggests, Artize is set to review the ‘ form ’ that one is used to in a typical restroom space. dilettantes of beauty and art around the world can look forward to inspiring designs that exfoliate the old garb of ‘ what one knows ’ and move to a unique experience of ‘ what bone sees ’- noway for a moment appearing ordinary or mundane every day. A cultural representation of exquisite artificer that inspires, transforms, and delights. Artize is a luxury brand from Jaquar Group, Jaquar group is a leading complete restroom and lighting results global brand present across 55 countries.


Always driven by a visionary and unconventional spirit, Gessi has developed its own distinctive identity over time, fastening not only on the aesthetics and originality of its designs, or the excellence of its product processes and technologies but also on ethics. 

Gessi has combined the strength of its designs with the desire to be a different kind of company manufacturing its products in an intertwined manner with unique ways. And that is not all. Gessi has a range of ceramic sanitary ware. The Company also strives to distinguish itself in how it conveys the meaning of its products, leaving further room for emotion, and by exalting the mores in which they can be enjoyed, not just as material objects, but also as artistic objects, expressions of a value system and the epitome of a unique style of living and working. Gessi has a range of sanitary ware products. It’s a design that’s no longer purely stylistic, but also attempts to produce well-being or to convey positive communication. 

Ideal Standard

Ideal Standard will responsibly operate its business activities, respecting at all times The Highest Quality Standards by establishing, implementing, and maintaining a robust Quality Management System. They have a wide range of sanitary ware with classy designs like antique toilet bowls. As a minimum, Ideal Standard requires all business units to comply with applicable national, state, provincial, and local laws and regulations and with any other standard to which the Company subscribes. Ideal Standard will operate its business activities in an environmentally responsible manner and with due regard to our neighbors, employees, customers, and the communities in which we operate, respecting at all times High-Efficiency Standards to reduce its impact on the Environment, by establishing, implementing and maintaining a robust Environmental & Energy Management System. With this vision, they manufacture multi-purpose, versatile, durable, and affordable porcelain toilets. 


Sanitary ware is an essential component of modern life. The sanitary wares installation instructions are mostly complicated and hence most sanitary wear is fixed by plumbers. 

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Selecting the Ideal Sink: Ceramic vs. Stainless Steel – A Guide to Making the Right Choice

Ceramic vs. Stainless Steel

While remodeling a kitchen, we have to choose between amenities different in the kitchen. One of which is a choice for a kitchen sink. There are types of kitchen sinks in the market, but the two most popular ones are stainless steel and ceramic. Most people prefer both of these sinks because of their smooth working and easy maintenance. The kitchen sinks are available in many materials like stainless steel, an earthenware sink, Granite quartz composite sinks, cast iron sinks, and copper sinks. However, this article is about the comparison of a ceramic vs stainless sink

Stainless steel sinks

Ceramic sinks

An earthenware sink can be argil, ceramics, clay, potter’s earth, pottery, and refractory clay. Ceramic sinks are handy since they don’t react with any food material or metal. Ceramics are non-scratching and resistant to chipping, corrosion, and sunlight. It is allowed to install sinks in the kitchen near the window. Ceramic sinks can be cleaned with ordinary gentle detergents. The surface does not absorb fat and is resistant to pollution. Ceramic sinks are a possible way to practically silent dishwashing. Besides, ceramics are a perfect complement to any interior. Shiny and smooth surface allows them to look elegant and expensive. With careful use and proper care, the ceramic sink will last for decades. In the modern market of goods, there are many options for sizes, forms, and colors. They can also come with one or two bowls and have sufficient room to accommodate taps. We will further discuss the pros and cons of ceramic sinks.

Stainless sinks

Stainless steel sinks are an option for a remodeled kitchen. They come in a two-piece and or a single sink set. The stainless steel sink is stable, rust-resistant, and does not corrode. These long-lasting features make it a favorite in kitchens because the sink can be exposed to constant moisture. There is nothing to worry about cracking or chipping your stainless steel sink. Stainless steel sinks are resistant to heat and stains. Pouring hot water into the sink to clean and disinfect it would not harm the integrity and appearance of the sink. A stainless wash basin is easy to produce and comes in various shapes, designs, and configurations. Because of this, you will find diverse ranges in the current market that include but are not limited to square bowls, round-shaped bowls, and kitchen sinks with drainers. 

Ceramic vs stainless steel sink: Why ceramic sinks?

The Ceramic sinks are very durable, especially when handled well. The sink can easily last for generations. Since these sinks are usually in trend, they will fit every renovated kitchen. These sinks are easy to clean with water and washing detergent. 

You will find a sink to meet your needs at any set budget. They come in many beautiful colors. Also, ceramic sinks come in several designs. As mentioned above, a ceramic sink survives through a considerable amount of kitchen torture. Although they are more heat sensitive, a hot pot or kettle on them will cause no problem. Also, unlike a stainless wash basin, ceramic sinks don’t get dented. 

Other than the basic color for ceramic kitchen sinks which is gleaming white, they are also available in many colors. You can consider springing for a black or stone ceramic sink to create an eye-catching look. These sinks are also available in a lot of different shapes and designs. There are single, double, and even triple bowl ceramic sinks, and can even be custom-designed. The seamless reflective surface makes it impossible for the stains to stay. Their impenetrable surface helps make ceramic kitchen sinks a breeze to clean using only all-purpose cleaning products. For a deeper cleaning, you can wipe the sink with bleach or vinegar.  The above information can help you decide whether to buy a stainless steel or porcelain sink.

ceramic kitchen sink

Disadvantages of Ceramic sinks

While the advantages of ceramic sinks are a long list, there are a few disadvantages. The ceramic sink can be heavy for a kitchen platform. Although there are lighter models, the durability is in question. The price of a ceramic sink is variable depending on the quality of the clay and the thickness of the ceramic. Utensil drop in ceramic kitchen sink can cause chipping of a thin ceramic sink.

The ceramic sinks of lower quality can chip easily or break into pieces when touched with hot utensils or materials. Hence, a higher-quality ceramic sink is costlier and more durable. If you are not a regular cleaner a ceramic sink especially a light-colored ceramic sink is not a good choice. If not cleaned regularly the ceramic sink can get a stain pretty quickly. However, if you buy a dark-colored ceramic sink it will not necessarily fit in when you remake your kitchen. The above information can help you decide whether to buy a stainless steel or porcelain sink.

So, besides the above disadvantages, a ceramic sink can be a great choice. The pros and cons of ceramic sinks are listed above for you to decide.

Ceramic vs stainless steel sink: Why stainless steel sinks?

Stainless steel sinks have been in trend for the past few decades. These sinks are affordable and come in a variety of designs. They come in different sets like two pieces, three pieces, or a single piece of stainless steel sink. The sink however has its pros and cons. 

The stainless steel sink has a long list of advantages. However, the one advantage that tops the list is the affordability. The stainless steel of the sink is available easily and easy to install. The stainless steel can be both heavy and light. The stainless steel stays shiny when cleaned properly. This gives a great look to the kitchen sink. Apart from the shine, the stainless steel is also great for handling hot utensils and hot materials. All these qualities help you decide on stainless steel vs ceramic sinks.

The stainless steel sinks can be a great solution for someone who likes easy cleaning. A jug of hot water is a solution to clean and disinfect your stainless steel sink. With proper cleaning and handling stainless steel is a good option. Good quality stainless steel can be durable for a decade.

The above information can help you decide whether to buy a stainless steel or porcelain sink. 

stainless steel sinks

Disadvantages of stainless steel sinks

While the long list of advantages is there for stainless steel sinks there are quite a few disadvantages as well. The stainless steel sinks are more vulnerable to scratches and water marks if handled roughly. The sinks are very prone to dents that become impossible to fix sometimes. Apart from this, since the material is a metal it can react to many food materials without your knowledge. The above information can also help you understand about a white sink vs stainless steel sink.

 Although stainless steel is easy to maintain for a regular cleaner, it is difficult for those who clean occasionally. The water droplets can leave a permanent mark on the stainless steel sink, making it very difficult to clean. Specific cleaning products are for stainless steel. Products with higher acidic content can corrode the stainless steel and leave black marks. All these qualities help you decide on stainless steel vs ceramic sinks.

Dishwashing can be a noisy concert with a metal washing sink. The sound of washing dishes is no problem if you live alone or your household is used to it. Other than this, stainless steel sinks are mono-colored. They are only available in silver color. Although they fit in any kitchen model, if you are a fan of colors, stainless steel sinks are a limitation. Other than this the stainless steel sink can develop tears if used very roughly. This can cause leakage. All stainless steel sinks pros and cons are mentioned above for you to decide.

Installation of Ceramic vs Stainless steel sink

Stainless steel sinks are flexible for mounting them according to your needs. For example, you can opt for a flush mount, inset, or under mount just to complement your kitchen appearance. So, you can choose the installation you desire according to how you want the benchtop to appear and the ease you wish to have with your sink. The installation information can help you decide whether to buy a stainless steel or porcelain sink. 

A Ceramic kitchen sink hand needs some support under the sink to function well. This is because the ceramic sinks are very heavy. Therefore, the sink is mounted on a cabinet to provide the required support and to fit in its semi-recessed position. Due to the spacious and deep design of ceramic sinks, they differ from standard sinks. Apart from this, you may need to adjust your countertop to accommodate the sink comfortably. The installation helps you to decide about a white sink vs stainless steel sink.

Many people install steel sinks on their own without a professional. Due to the heavy weight of a ceramic sink, most people call for professional installation. However, a professional sink installation is apt for both types. Since the professionals will make sure it’s sturdy and leakproof. The above information can help with the comparison of a ceramic vs stainless steel sink.


The comparison of ceramic vs stainless steel sink is a debate that is difficult to lean on one side. This is because both of the sinks have their pros and cons. While stainless steel sinks are affordable, they are not as durable as ceramic sinks. On the other hand, ceramic sinks can be expensive but they last longer than stainless steel sinks. As discussed earlier Heavy Utensil drop in ceramic kitchen sink can cause chipping for thin ceramic sinks.

The cleaning of these sinks differs from each other. The ceramic sink can be cleaned with just a wipe of bleach or vinegar. But if the stainless steel sink needs specific cleaning products. All stainless steel sinks pros and cons are mentioned above for you to decide.

We hope the above information can help with the comparison of a ceramic vs stainless steel sink

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ORTONBATH™ Wall Mounted Mirror, 24"x36" Arch Bathroom Mirror, Gold Vanity Wall Mirror w/ Metal Frame for Bedroom, Entryway, Living Room

This accent mirror features clean lines and a sleek silhouette for a modern addition to any wall of your home — whether it’s in your bathroom, over your bedroom vanity, or in your entryway. Rectangular in shape, this mirror has a thin, classic metal frame that wraps around it. This mirror also bounces the light around to make your room appear larger. Hangers on the back allow you to install it right when it arrives, either horizontally or vertically, depending on your preference and available space.


  • The hanger on the back is sturdy to withhold this mirror.
  • Installing takes only a
    few minutes!
  • High quality and carefully handled

Product Details

  •  Framed: Yes
  •  Specification 60x80mm, 70x80mm, 80x80mm,90x80mm,100x80mm,
    110x80mm, 120x80mm,140x80mm.
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5 Key points you need to consider when choosing Kitchen Sink

Kitchen revolves around the sink. Choosing a sink that best matches your needs and lifestyle is a critical factor in have a truly functional and efficient kitchen. Here are the key points you need to consider when choosing a new kitchen sink…

  • Size

In additional to making sure that the size of the individual bowls meet your needs, also consider the overall size of the sink. A larger sink provide more space for washing dishes but also takes away counter space which is especially critical in smaller kitchens. Also make sure your new sink will fit the existing cabinets. Some larger sinks might require custom sized cabinets.

  • Number of Bowls

How do you use your kitchen sink? Do you wash a lot of baking pans? If so, consider a large single bowl sink or a dual level sink with enough room to lay the pans down to soak. Most dual level sinks feature an oversized bowl to wash or soak things, with another smaller sink for rinsing or a garbage disposal. Make sure both bowls are large enough to meet your kitchen needs. If you share kitchen responsibilities, consider two sinks. One can be used for food prep and the other for clean-up. An island or bar sink, usually a smaller single bowl sink, is the best option.

  • Features you really need

-Steep, straight side walls

Deeper bowls can accommodate soaking and rinsing large pots and pans. A relatively flat sink bottom increases usable bowl space and allows dishes and glasses to be safely stacked.

-Off-set Drains

Placing the drain to one side provides more flat space for stacking dishes and glasses and creates more usable space under the sink. Offset drains also allow water to drain, even if a large pan or tray is soaking in the sink.


For double bowl sinks, make sure the web divider between the two bowls is lower than the outside sink walls. This will provide overflow protection by allowing water to flow from one bowl to the other.

  • Countertop or undercounter

Undercounter mount sinks mount directly to the underside of countertop material. This installation provides a flush mounting making it easy to clean. When choosing an undermount sink consider what type of countertop you have make sure the edges around the sink opening can be finished.

Self-rimming sinks have rounded corners and mount on the surface of the countertop material. This is the easiest type of installation, requiring only adhesive caulk to seal the sink in place.

  • Faucet Type

The faucet you choose will dictate the number of holes you need in your sink. Choose your ideal faucet and then order the sink accordingly. Also consider additional holes for accessories such as soap dispensers and pull out hand sprays.