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Octagon Bronze Wall Mirror, Modern Design ORTONBATH™ Bathroom Mirror

This geometric wall decor is an excellent way to bring modern simplicity into your home with little to no effort. Inspired by aesthetically pleasing geometry, this mirror has an octagon design frame. Adding a mirror to your home illuminates your space by reflecting light and providing dimension to your smaller areas. The frame brings an eye-catching focal point to any living room, bedroom, entryway, dining room, or bathroom. Mount it over a console table, mantle, or a larger couch. The mirror is easy to hang with metal D-ring hangers securely attached to the back. It also comes fully assembled with no instructions. We recommend purchasing the mirror in sets of two or three to create a beautiful, elegant wall display. It’s the perfect replacement for average, run-of-the-mill wall decor, brightening your space without occupying too much of it.

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