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ORTONBATH™ China Stone Bathroom Drop In Hair Salon Hand Wash Basins vanity Ceramic wash hand basin drop in ceramic basin

The drop in basin is perfect for those of you that want to show off your benchtop. Also known as an under counter basin, it’s designed to fit seamlessly under the benchtop. Our basins are ideal if you’re looking to create a minimalistic look with a modern flair.

In practical terms, the drop in basins we stock work well if you need a little extra space on your benchtop. They’re also easy to clean, making those pesky household tasks just that little bit simpler.

If you need a drop in basin that fits as part of a wider bathroom overhaul, don’t hesitate to give us a call. The products we stock have been carefully selected to meet both quality and style specifications, ensuring that customer needs are met.


Oval & Rectangular


Our elaborate countertop basins come in a wide range of styles and sizes. An oval countertop basin is perhaps a more traditional choice, while a rectangular countertop basin can contribute to a more unique bathroom aesthetic. Countertop basins can include tap holes and overflows, depending on the design and whether the basin will be used with wall mounted taps.


Modern Minimalism

A growing trend in highly stylish bathrooms, countertop basins give your bathroom a unique and modern feel. When placed on a worktop, these oval, rectangular or square bowl basins provide a clean uncluttered finish. A distinctive and attractive alternative to conventional bathroom basins.

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