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ORTONBATH™ Small Size Wall Hung Rectangular Middle East Ceramic Bathroom Sink Basin with tap hole OTWHH078

Create a stunning and classic ambiance in your home’s bathroom with the ORTONBATH Wall Hung Basin. Featuring an elegantly curved and timeless design, ample counter space, and durable vitreous china construction, this sink is truly one of a kind. By purchasing this sink, you can rely on ORTON’s high standards of quality craftsmanship, ensuring that this sink will grace your home for many years to come.


  • They adapt to any space
  • They adapt to any space

Wall-hung washbasins are perfect for private homes, hotels and offices.

This type of washbasins are also the best alternative if we want to duplicate elements, that is, place two sinks and two mirrors because we live as a couple or because we share a bathroom.

  • We can place them at any height we want

One of the main advantages of wall-hung sinks is the possibility of placing them where you want, regardless of the foot or height of the furniture. In any case, if you are wondering at what height to install a wall-hung washbasin, it is usually placed at a sufficient height to be used by all members of the household.

  • They facilitate the cleaning of the adjacent tiles

Unlike built-in or pedestal models, a wall-hung washbasin makes cleaning the bathroom much easier, as you will be able to scrub the floor without having to squeeze spaces, preventing the joints from blackening due to the accumulation of dirt or the appearance of mold, damp, etc.

  • They offer greater visual lightness

Aesthetically speaking, suspended washbasins are the best alternative for you: thanks to them, you can show off your tiles and have greater visual lightness in your bathroom.

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