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Advantages of Rimless Toilets Over Traditional Toilet Designs

Advantages of Rimless Toilets Over Traditional Toilet Designs

Rimless toilet design has fast become the norm in new toilets. With benefits including easier cleaning, added hygiene and overall superior flushing, this game changing toilet feature will make a huge difference in your new bathroom.

Read on to discover what rimless design is and the five advantages that come with rimless toilet technology.

What’s the difference between a traditional toilet and a rimless toilet?

Traditional toilets have a rim around the inner pan of the toilet where when you flush, the water distributes from underneath the toilet rim to dispose of waste.

Rimless toilets on the other hand, flush water around the whole pan with a superior flushing mechanism that removes the need for a rim altogether.

The five advantages of rimless toilets

#1: Hygiene

Hard-to-reach areas of a traditional toilet pan are breeding grounds for germs to hide.

Without this rim and with the advanced flushing system washing those germs away, rimless toilets provide a more hygienic day-to-day experience.

#2: Easier cleaning

We know that as much as you love your new bathroom, cleaning the toilet is never an enjoyable task. All the areas are easily accessible so you can clean and quickly and easily.

#3 Better Flushing System

Rimless toilets use a direct flushing system which distributes water around the pan more effectively. This means that each flush is more efficient. Less litres of water required while also providing a powerful flush. It helps you to save water or use water efficiently, reducing the bills over time.

#4 Aesthetically Pleasing Design

The contemporary and modern look is the wish of everyone. To make it possible, you need a toilet that is contemporary, looks good and fits with modern design attics. Among them, a toilet is also important. A rimless close coupled toilet has better in comparison to traditional toilets. So, it can easily fit with your aesthetics.

#5 Budget-Friendly

This technology is available at every price point, meaning that you don’t need to blow your budget to find a rimless toilet that fits your style and is within your price range.

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