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Tips of getting good quality vanities!

How is the quality of your vanity shopped online? Tips of getting good quality vanities

1. Appearance

You need to check the appearance of the vanity.

  • Observe the vanity surface. On the upper /lower/left/right sides of the cabinet, black lines, dead knots, scratches, particles, dark spots, broken skin, color difference, wrinkles and other defects should not be allowed.
  • Check the inside of the cabinet with your hands. In principle, there should not be any internal defects. If any minor flaws are found, they can be ignored without affecting normal use.
  • The finish of the bathroom cabinet should be smooth, without particles, roughness, fogging, scratches, pinholes etc.
  • Use a tape measure to check the dimensions of the bathroom vanity to see if it is the same size as the one you ordered.
  • The color of the actual arrival product should very much match the product shown on the product page of the website. Color difference which mainly depends on the color depth error and the color error at the joint. Generally, the color of the entire bathroom vanity should be consistent and there should be no difference.
  • The cabinets cannot be inclined or asymmetrical. Things should not be moved while placed on cabinets.

2. Material

After the surface inspection, look at the material. The quality of the material will decide the service life of the bathroom cabinets. Unfortunately, there are quite few businesses on the market that use inferior materials to impersonate high-quality materials. Therefore, you must pay attention to the inspection of your goods.

  • The consistency of materials. You will not want to have different tones from different batch.
  • No crack is allowed.
  • No insect or decay are allowed
  • The materials used must meet the requirements of environmental protection and cannot contain substances that are harmful to human body.

3. Cabinet Doors, drawers

The gap between the cabinet doors should not be more than 3mm. The left and right door panels should be neat and there should be no visual fluctuations. If it is a push-type drawer, the distance between the edge of the drawer and the cabinet should not exceed 3mm. If the gap is too large, water vapor can easily enter and corrode the cabinet contents. However, the gap should not be too small, otherwise the friction, resulting in poor opening and closing, and will affect the product life. During the inspection, check the guide rails of the drawer. A good guide rails can enter and exit freely after a reasonable load without noise.

The door hinge is also the focus of acceptance. The door hinge should be open and closed freely and should not be too loose or too tight. In addition, pay attention to whether the installation position of the door hinge is reasonable and whether it will affect daily use. Finally, check the door hinge for rust.

4. Washbasins

The washbasin is an important part of the bathroom cabinet and is in contact with water every day, so it is also important to check. The surface of the wash basin should be smooth without scratches, and the glaze is smooth and free of bumps. In addition, the water drain under the basin should also be checked to see if it can be easily taken and put and if it will be easy to block.

5. Legs

To check whether the four legs of the cabinet are stable and whether they are on the same level. If the four legs of the cabinet are not stable, the cabinet body is easily stressed. This not only affects the appearance, but will also seriously affect the service life of the bathroom vanity.

Good luck on choosing a good quality vanity!!!