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Purchasing a Black Bathroom Mirror: A Comprehensive Guide

Purchasing a Black Bathroom Mirror

The thought of using a black bathroom mirror in the bathroom is a bit rare. Although, it is necessary to note that the black mirror is highly versatile and useful in bathrooms. In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of black mirrors in bathrooms. We will also look at some of the ways to use black mirrors in bathrooms. 

Advantages of Black Mirror

Like every sanitary ware, a black mirror has its own set of pros and cons. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

Black bathroom mirrors reflect elegance and style. These create a good statement and a contemporary, upscale look in any bathroom. The monotone finish of the large matte black bathroom mirror various design styles, from minimalistic to industrial, making it a versatile choice for homeowners.

Versatile Pairing

One important advantage of black bathroom mirrors is their versatility in completing other colors and materials. They can easily integrate into bathrooms with different color schemes, like vibrant, pastel, or even neutral tones. Moreover, they get along exceptionally well with natural materials like wood, stone, or marble.

Easy to Maintain

Black bathroom mirrors tend to hide water spots, fingerprints, and smudges better than their glossy counterparts. This characteristic makes them easier to maintain, requiring less frequent cleaning. Simply wiping them down with a damp cloth is often sufficient to keep them looking pristine.

Timeless Appeal

Unlike some trendy design choices that can quickly become outdated, a black bathroom mirror has a timeless appeal. They even have proven to survive changing design trends and have been popular for many years. Choosing a black bathroom mirror Makes sure your bathroom remains stylish for the long term.

Choosing the Right black bathroom mirrors for Your Bathroom

When considering black bathroom mirrors, it’s important to choose wisely to Make sure they harmonize with your overall bathroom design. Here are some tips:

Consider the Overall Design Theme

If you want to elevate your bathroom’s design theme black bathroom mirrors can complement a range of styles, from modern to commercial. Make sure the mirrors align with the theme to create a twinning and aesthetically pleasing space.


Balance is the key. If you choose black bathroom mirrors, make sure there’s a balance in the use of other materials and finishes in your bathroom. Incorporate contrasting elements to create visual interest and depth.

Quality Matters

You should invest in high-quality black bathroom mirrors. Quality bathroom black mirrors not only look better but are more sustainable and have fewer chances of issues like scratching and fading. In countries like Russia, Germany, and Colombia reputable brands like OrtonBaths are known for producing durable fixtures.

9 ways to incorporate a black mirror in your bathroom

Due to its list of advantages, there are several ways to incorporate a black mirror in your restroom, bathroom, or vanity. 

Black Framed Bathroom Mirror

A black framed bathroom mirror is an elegant and classic look trending for decades. This look is versatile to match any setting. Whether your Bathrooms have plain tiles or marble bathrooms these black framed bathroom mirrors are very useful. A black framed bathroom mirror turns out to be the ultimate choice for most people. This is because they add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any bathroom fixture. Its sleek and evergreen design creates a focal point to elevate the aesthetics of the space where it is typically installed. 

Black Bathroom Mirror with Shelf

A black bathroom mirror with a built-in shelf or a black bathroom mirror cabinet is a suitable example of a versatile solution offering functionality and class. The sleek black frame reflects sophistication, and on the other hand, the easy-going shelf makes a practical space to place essential items such as toiletries and cosmetics. Moreover, the integrated shelf can also be used to display decorative tones or small plants to accentuate the appeal of your bathroom. Thus, investing in a black bathroom mirror that comes with an in-built shelf is a practical choice, as this black bathroom mirror cabinet is purposefully designed to maximize both utility and the aesthetics of your space.

Black Bathroom Mirror Round

A bathroom that is complimented with the presence of a black round bathroom mirror, and that too in black, is an exemplar of contemporary fineness. With a unique shape that’s different from its traditional blockish counterparts, it’s designed in a way that inoculates the space with a sense of fustiness. Unnaturally, its quirky appearance is one of the critical reasons it incontinently draws the attention of anyone passing through it. 

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, a black Bathroom mirror round remains in the limelight due to its functional benefits too. The indirect design empowers you with a wider field of view so that you’re privileged to see yourself from multiple angles. When you invest in a black round restroom Bathroom mirror, it’s indeed a step forward to add fineness to the space.

Its satiny black frame is formulated with factors that give excellent resistance against the heat and moisture of the average restroom. That means it has the implicit to last a long time without the need for frequent overhauls. White and brass restroom vanity light is mounted over a circle of black framed restroom Bathroom mirror. A stained wood washstand with an out-white and argentine countertop stands under the Bathroom mirror against white beadboard wainscoting. 

Black and Gold Bathroom Mirror

The combination of colors in the shape of black and gold ensures that this bathroom mirror will turn heads and capture attention. By creating a stunning visual contrast, a black and gold mirror is purposefully designed with the intent of taking the entire décor of your bathroom to new heights. Transform the appearance of your bathroom with a sophisticated rectangular black bathroom mirror adorned with a black and golden frame. This addition will turn out to be one of the most splendid moves to instantly elevate the style and ambiance of your space and to accomplish the bathroom of your dreams.

Arched Black Bathroom Mirror

Introducing this meticulously crafted arched black bathroom mirror! This exquisite piece instantly adds charm to your bathroom space, making it luxurious and bold. The sturdy design ensures durability and longevity, while the classic black color adds a touch of timeless elegance. Transform an ordinary bathroom into a sophisticated oasis with this arche. These mirrors can also be arched small black bathroom mirrors. As the name indicates, it is a black-framed wall mirror with rounded corners that creates an alluring contrast against lighter wall colors. Simple, uncomplicated, and easy to coordinate, this mirror can be hung both horizontally and vertically. Any bathroom with this masterpiece can brag about its exquisite traditional look. Black bathroom mirror IKEA sells are easily useful in such settings. The arched black bathroom mirrors by Orton Baths are sold on websites like Home Depot and Wayfair.

Hanging Black Bathroom Mirror

Take your bathroom aesthetics to a whole new level with a hanging black bathroom mirror. The simple yet sophisticated round shape exudes timeless elegance, while the black color adds a modern touch to your space. The black bathroom mirror IKEA sells has the feature of chain suspension, this mirror is functional and a stylish statement piece. The sturdy D-ring hanger ensures easy installation of a small black bathroom mirror. Let your bathroom do the talking about your impeccable taste and attention to detail next.

Hexagon Black Bathroom Mirror with lights

Whether you are seeking to revamp a small bathroom space or looking for a complete master bathroom remodel, check out a unique hexagon black bathroom mirror with lights. The shape is designed to instantly capture attention, boasting your style statement. The black frame adds a touch of luxury, while the geometric form infuses a contemporary feel into the overall space. For a truly stylish bathroom space, add this black hexagonal mirror!

Long Black Bathroom Mirror

You can enter a world of elegance by getting this long black bathroom mirror installed. Crafted with precision and sophistication, this impeccable piece is designed to add allure to your space. And by having it, you take a calculated step towards transforming your bathroom into a sanctuary of timeless beauty. Such a large matte black bathroom mirror is suitable in many settings. Light wood and bronze shelf is mounted above a white toilet standing next to a beige washstand. A rectangular black bathroom mirror is hung above the beige and brown granite countertop fitted with a black faucet kit. The long black bathroom mirrors by Orton Baths are sold on websites like Home Depot and Wayfair


The timeless nature of a black bathroom mirror is very useful and versatile. These mirrors are available in a variety of colors, frames, shapes, paints, etc. These mirrors can match almost any setting in a bathroom whether they are simple tiles or marbles. Whether you have a rustic theme or a boho theme, a simple black bathroom mirror can never go wrong.  

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Selecting the Ideal Sink: Ceramic vs. Stainless Steel – A Guide to Making the Right Choice

Ceramic vs. Stainless Steel

While remodeling a kitchen, we have to choose between amenities different in the kitchen. One of which is a choice for a kitchen sink. There are types of kitchen sinks in the market, but the two most popular ones are stainless steel and ceramic. Most people prefer both of these sinks because of their smooth working and easy maintenance. The kitchen sinks are available in many materials like stainless steel, an earthenware sink, Granite quartz composite sinks, cast iron sinks, and copper sinks. However, this article is about the comparison of a ceramic vs stainless sink

Stainless steel sinks

Ceramic sinks

An earthenware sink can be argil, ceramics, clay, potter’s earth, pottery, and refractory clay. Ceramic sinks are handy since they don’t react with any food material or metal. Ceramics are non-scratching and resistant to chipping, corrosion, and sunlight. It is allowed to install sinks in the kitchen near the window. Ceramic sinks can be cleaned with ordinary gentle detergents. The surface does not absorb fat and is resistant to pollution. Ceramic sinks are a possible way to practically silent dishwashing. Besides, ceramics are a perfect complement to any interior. Shiny and smooth surface allows them to look elegant and expensive. With careful use and proper care, the ceramic sink will last for decades. In the modern market of goods, there are many options for sizes, forms, and colors. They can also come with one or two bowls and have sufficient room to accommodate taps. We will further discuss the pros and cons of ceramic sinks.

Stainless sinks

Stainless steel sinks are an option for a remodeled kitchen. They come in a two-piece and or a single sink set. The stainless steel sink is stable, rust-resistant, and does not corrode. These long-lasting features make it a favorite in kitchens because the sink can be exposed to constant moisture. There is nothing to worry about cracking or chipping your stainless steel sink. Stainless steel sinks are resistant to heat and stains. Pouring hot water into the sink to clean and disinfect it would not harm the integrity and appearance of the sink. A stainless wash basin is easy to produce and comes in various shapes, designs, and configurations. Because of this, you will find diverse ranges in the current market that include but are not limited to square bowls, round-shaped bowls, and kitchen sinks with drainers. 

Ceramic vs stainless steel sink: Why ceramic sinks?

The Ceramic sinks are very durable, especially when handled well. The sink can easily last for generations. Since these sinks are usually in trend, they will fit every renovated kitchen. These sinks are easy to clean with water and washing detergent. 

You will find a sink to meet your needs at any set budget. They come in many beautiful colors. Also, ceramic sinks come in several designs. As mentioned above, a ceramic sink survives through a considerable amount of kitchen torture. Although they are more heat sensitive, a hot pot or kettle on them will cause no problem. Also, unlike a stainless wash basin, ceramic sinks don’t get dented. 

Other than the basic color for ceramic kitchen sinks which is gleaming white, they are also available in many colors. You can consider springing for a black or stone ceramic sink to create an eye-catching look. These sinks are also available in a lot of different shapes and designs. There are single, double, and even triple bowl ceramic sinks, and can even be custom-designed. The seamless reflective surface makes it impossible for the stains to stay. Their impenetrable surface helps make ceramic kitchen sinks a breeze to clean using only all-purpose cleaning products. For a deeper cleaning, you can wipe the sink with bleach or vinegar.  The above information can help you decide whether to buy a stainless steel or porcelain sink.

ceramic kitchen sink

Disadvantages of Ceramic sinks

While the advantages of ceramic sinks are a long list, there are a few disadvantages. The ceramic sink can be heavy for a kitchen platform. Although there are lighter models, the durability is in question. The price of a ceramic sink is variable depending on the quality of the clay and the thickness of the ceramic. Utensil drop in ceramic kitchen sink can cause chipping of a thin ceramic sink.

The ceramic sinks of lower quality can chip easily or break into pieces when touched with hot utensils or materials. Hence, a higher-quality ceramic sink is costlier and more durable. If you are not a regular cleaner a ceramic sink especially a light-colored ceramic sink is not a good choice. If not cleaned regularly the ceramic sink can get a stain pretty quickly. However, if you buy a dark-colored ceramic sink it will not necessarily fit in when you remake your kitchen. The above information can help you decide whether to buy a stainless steel or porcelain sink.

So, besides the above disadvantages, a ceramic sink can be a great choice. The pros and cons of ceramic sinks are listed above for you to decide.

Ceramic vs stainless steel sink: Why stainless steel sinks?

Stainless steel sinks have been in trend for the past few decades. These sinks are affordable and come in a variety of designs. They come in different sets like two pieces, three pieces, or a single piece of stainless steel sink. The sink however has its pros and cons. 

The stainless steel sink has a long list of advantages. However, the one advantage that tops the list is the affordability. The stainless steel of the sink is available easily and easy to install. The stainless steel can be both heavy and light. The stainless steel stays shiny when cleaned properly. This gives a great look to the kitchen sink. Apart from the shine, the stainless steel is also great for handling hot utensils and hot materials. All these qualities help you decide on stainless steel vs ceramic sinks.

The stainless steel sinks can be a great solution for someone who likes easy cleaning. A jug of hot water is a solution to clean and disinfect your stainless steel sink. With proper cleaning and handling stainless steel is a good option. Good quality stainless steel can be durable for a decade.

The above information can help you decide whether to buy a stainless steel or porcelain sink. 

stainless steel sinks

Disadvantages of stainless steel sinks

While the long list of advantages is there for stainless steel sinks there are quite a few disadvantages as well. The stainless steel sinks are more vulnerable to scratches and water marks if handled roughly. The sinks are very prone to dents that become impossible to fix sometimes. Apart from this, since the material is a metal it can react to many food materials without your knowledge. The above information can also help you understand about a white sink vs stainless steel sink.

 Although stainless steel is easy to maintain for a regular cleaner, it is difficult for those who clean occasionally. The water droplets can leave a permanent mark on the stainless steel sink, making it very difficult to clean. Specific cleaning products are for stainless steel. Products with higher acidic content can corrode the stainless steel and leave black marks. All these qualities help you decide on stainless steel vs ceramic sinks.

Dishwashing can be a noisy concert with a metal washing sink. The sound of washing dishes is no problem if you live alone or your household is used to it. Other than this, stainless steel sinks are mono-colored. They are only available in silver color. Although they fit in any kitchen model, if you are a fan of colors, stainless steel sinks are a limitation. Other than this the stainless steel sink can develop tears if used very roughly. This can cause leakage. All stainless steel sinks pros and cons are mentioned above for you to decide.

Installation of Ceramic vs Stainless steel sink

Stainless steel sinks are flexible for mounting them according to your needs. For example, you can opt for a flush mount, inset, or under mount just to complement your kitchen appearance. So, you can choose the installation you desire according to how you want the benchtop to appear and the ease you wish to have with your sink. The installation information can help you decide whether to buy a stainless steel or porcelain sink. 

A Ceramic kitchen sink hand needs some support under the sink to function well. This is because the ceramic sinks are very heavy. Therefore, the sink is mounted on a cabinet to provide the required support and to fit in its semi-recessed position. Due to the spacious and deep design of ceramic sinks, they differ from standard sinks. Apart from this, you may need to adjust your countertop to accommodate the sink comfortably. The installation helps you to decide about a white sink vs stainless steel sink.

Many people install steel sinks on their own without a professional. Due to the heavy weight of a ceramic sink, most people call for professional installation. However, a professional sink installation is apt for both types. Since the professionals will make sure it’s sturdy and leakproof. The above information can help with the comparison of a ceramic vs stainless steel sink.


The comparison of ceramic vs stainless steel sink is a debate that is difficult to lean on one side. This is because both of the sinks have their pros and cons. While stainless steel sinks are affordable, they are not as durable as ceramic sinks. On the other hand, ceramic sinks can be expensive but they last longer than stainless steel sinks. As discussed earlier Heavy Utensil drop in ceramic kitchen sink can cause chipping for thin ceramic sinks.

The cleaning of these sinks differs from each other. The ceramic sink can be cleaned with just a wipe of bleach or vinegar. But if the stainless steel sink needs specific cleaning products. All stainless steel sinks pros and cons are mentioned above for you to decide.

We hope the above information can help with the comparison of a ceramic vs stainless steel sink

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Are Two Piece Toilet a Practical Choice?

Choose two-piece Toilets

When selecting a toilet for your home, one of the critical decisions you’ll face is whether to go with a two piece toilet or explore other options. Two piece toilet have been famous for decades, but are they still practical, especially in a place like Germany? In this article, we’ll dive into the world of two piece toilet, exploring their advantages, drawbacks, and relevance in the context of two piece toilet in Germany.

The Versatility of Two Piece Toilet

Advantages of Two Piece Toilet

  • Affordability: 

One of the standout advantages of two piece toilet is their affordability. In Germany, where cost-conscious decisions occur daily, the lower price tag of two piece toilet can appeal to many homeowners.

  • Ease of Maintenance:

Two piece toilet are known for being easy to service and repair. Their separate tank and bowl design makes finding replacement parts and conducting repairs straightforward and cost-effective.

  • Style Variety:

Two piece toilet come in a wide range of styles and designs. This variety allows homeowners in Germany to choose a toilet that matches their bathroom decor and personal preferences.

Drawbacks of Two Piece Toilet

  • Cleaning Challenges:

One of the primary drawbacks of two piece toilet is the seam between the tank and bowl, which can be a magnet for dirt and grime. Cleaning this area can be more challenging compared to one piece toilet.

  • Bulkier Appearance:

Two piece toilet often have a bulkier appearance when compared to sleek one piece models. This may not align with the modern and minimalist bathroom aesthetics many prefer in Germany.

Evaluating Practicality

In evaluating whether two piece toilet are still a practical choice in Germany, it’s essential to consider your specific needs and priorities.

  • Budget: If cost is a significant factor in your decision-making process, then a two piece toilet may be an excellent practical choice. These toilets are generally more budget-friendly, allowing you to allocate resources to other bathroom upgrades.
  • Maintenance: A two piece toilet is suitable for those who prioritize ease of maintenance and repair. In Germany, where efficiency and longevity are valued, the simplicity of servicing a two piece toilet can be advantageous.
  • Design Preferences: If you appreciate a wide range of design options to match your bathroom decor, two piece toilet offer versatility catering to your style preferences.
  • Cleanliness: However, if cleanliness and hygiene are top priorities, it’s worth considering the challenges of cleaning the seams in a two piece toilet. In such cases, a one piece toilet might be a more practical choice.


In conclusion, two piece toilet remain a practical choice for many homeowners in Germany. Their affordability, ease of maintenance, and style variety make them a viable option for those working within budget constraints or seeking design flexibility.
However, weighing these advantages against the cleaning challenges and bulkier appearance associated with two piece toilet is crucial. Depending on your priorities and preferences, you may find that a one piece toilet better aligns with your desired modern, hygienic, and aesthetically pleasing bathroom.
Ultimately, the practicality of a two piece toilet depends on your unique circumstances, and it’s essential to make an informed decision based on your specific needs and priorities when choosing the proper toilet for your home in Germany.

Must Check:

Must Check:

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Why bathroom design is so important?

When you visit a friend’s apartment or house for the first time and ask for a tour, the living room sparks a conversation about the exposed brick or any photos, instruments, or unique items on display, the stove and dishwasher are the talked about amenities in the kitchen, the bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom, and the bathroom gets an “It’s over there” with a point in that direction. The only way a bathroom is getting shown off is if it was just remodeled. Otherwise, a bathroom is a place that you go, but don’t talk about.

It wasn’t until I searched for apartments in New York City that I understood the importance of the bathroom. Then again, seeing apartments in which you can’t sit down on the toilet without your knees hitting the wall will do that to you.

1. It’s where you start and finish each day. You wake up, use the toilet, wash your hands, take a shower, brush your teeth, style your hair, and are out the door. Before going to bed, you relieve yourself, wash your hands, brush your teeth, remove makeup or wash your face, apply any creams or moisturizers, and are then ready for bed. The average person will spend about 1.5 years of his or her lifetime in the bathroom.

2. It’s the ultimate judgment zone. Anyone entering your home is probably going to use your bathroom at some point. If there are urine stains on the toilet seat, random stray hairs everywhere, toothpaste in the sink, brown marks surrounding the bowl, and no soap in the dispenser, your friends, family, and any guests visiting your home will think you’re gross. And they’ll be right.

3. It’s also a judgment free zone. You don’t have to worry about what you’re wearing, how you look, and can take as much time reading the paper or doing anything else that you want in the bathroom as long as there’s no one else waiting to use it after you.

4. It sets the tone for the rest of your home. Do you have candles, artwork, and matching towels on display or only old newspapers out and a few rolls of toilet paper sitting on the counter? This isn’t the place to take any décor shortcuts.

5. It’s where inspiration strikes. Get your best ideas in the shower? Enough said.

6. It offers solitude and serves as a great hiding spot. If you want to take a break from anyone or anything, this is the place to go. The majority of people know better than to bother someone using the bathroom. You’re safe as long as the door is locked.

7. It’s a good place to decompress. If you had a bad day or just want to disconnect from the world for a little while, there may be no better way than taking a long bath or hot shower.

8. Try not being able to use it… You don’t realize the importance of your bathroom until you really need to use it and someone else is already in there or there’s a temporary plumbing issue.

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5 Key points you need to consider when choosing Kitchen Sink

Kitchen revolves around the sink. Choosing a sink that best matches your needs and lifestyle is a critical factor in have a truly functional and efficient kitchen. Here are the key points you need to consider when choosing a new kitchen sink…

  • Size

In additional to making sure that the size of the individual bowls meet your needs, also consider the overall size of the sink. A larger sink provide more space for washing dishes but also takes away counter space which is especially critical in smaller kitchens. Also make sure your new sink will fit the existing cabinets. Some larger sinks might require custom sized cabinets.

  • Number of Bowls

How do you use your kitchen sink? Do you wash a lot of baking pans? If so, consider a large single bowl sink or a dual level sink with enough room to lay the pans down to soak. Most dual level sinks feature an oversized bowl to wash or soak things, with another smaller sink for rinsing or a garbage disposal. Make sure both bowls are large enough to meet your kitchen needs. If you share kitchen responsibilities, consider two sinks. One can be used for food prep and the other for clean-up. An island or bar sink, usually a smaller single bowl sink, is the best option.

  • Features you really need

-Steep, straight side walls

Deeper bowls can accommodate soaking and rinsing large pots and pans. A relatively flat sink bottom increases usable bowl space and allows dishes and glasses to be safely stacked.

-Off-set Drains

Placing the drain to one side provides more flat space for stacking dishes and glasses and creates more usable space under the sink. Offset drains also allow water to drain, even if a large pan or tray is soaking in the sink.


For double bowl sinks, make sure the web divider between the two bowls is lower than the outside sink walls. This will provide overflow protection by allowing water to flow from one bowl to the other.

  • Countertop or undercounter

Undercounter mount sinks mount directly to the underside of countertop material. This installation provides a flush mounting making it easy to clean. When choosing an undermount sink consider what type of countertop you have make sure the edges around the sink opening can be finished.

Self-rimming sinks have rounded corners and mount on the surface of the countertop material. This is the easiest type of installation, requiring only adhesive caulk to seal the sink in place.

  • Faucet Type

The faucet you choose will dictate the number of holes you need in your sink. Choose your ideal faucet and then order the sink accordingly. Also consider additional holes for accessories such as soap dispensers and pull out hand sprays.

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How to choose a bathroom sink?

Bathroom sinks come in many sizes, shapes, and colors. Not only the appearance, but also the material affect the style & practicability of your bathroom. What your bathroom sink is made of can affect its maintenance, durability, and, of course, style. From clay to woods to glass, understand the benefits of the different types of materials available for your bathroom sinks.


Ceramic is a type of pottery made of clay and hardened by heat. They are normally made by taking mixtures of clay, powders, and water, shaping them into form and firing in a high temperature oven, or Kiln. Features Extremely strong surface that is resistant to scratching, chipping and impacts , which makes them able to withstand the rigors of everyday use. Maintenance & Clear Ceramic is particularly hard, smooth, and completely sealed. Therefore, dirt is unable to penetrate the surface of the sink. This makes cleaning and maintenance extremely easy; simply wiping off dirt and dust with a soft dry cloth is adequate for daily cleaning. For a more thorough cleaning, we recommend using a gentle all-purpose cleaning product and a soft sponge or cloth. If you have a hand-painted or glazed ceramic sink, clean with a non-abrasive cleaner. Do not use bristle brushes or abrasive sponges, as they may damage the decorative surface. Do not let cleaners soak on the surface of your sink. Rinse and wipe with a soft dry cloth after use and cleaning to prevent soap buildup.

Natural Stone

Stone sinks are carved from a single block of stone. Each block of stone has its own distinctive traits including color variation, veining, minor pits, and flecks of minerals. Some sinks are completely shaped and polished, while other stone sinks are left with unfinished features for dramatic contrast. Features Each stone sink is created under natural conditions, making it entirely unique and be individual works of art. Natural stone sinks range in color and characteristics, which add upscale feeling to your bathroom design. Maintenance & Clear Because most stone is porous, it is important to take special care of your sink to protect against harmful substances. Upon receiving your sink, seal with Sealer. To retain your sink’s natural shine, reseal your sink once or twice a year. When installing your sink, carefully use silicone to seal the drain and use extra caution to keep the silicone away from the exposed sink area. Oil-based sealers or plumber’s putty should never be used on a natural stone sink. These products will stain the stone if applied near the surface of the polished basin. We recommend that you regularly clean your natural stone sink with a mild dish detergent or stone cleaner. After each use, wipe the basin dry with a soft cloth. Do not allow mineral deposits such as iron, salt, lime, or soap to build up on your sink. Refrain from using acidic household cleaners, wipes with harsh chemicals, or abrasives, as these will damage stone

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel resists bacteria and germs, and are able to withstand the tough scrubbing. Additionally, this type of sink can be paired with most countertop materials because of its sleek color and look.

Features :

Stainless steel sinks are handcrafted from heavy gauge stainless steel and are extremely durable, resistant to corrosion and staining, but can be scratched or scuffed when not cared for properly.

Maintenance & Clear :

To maintain the condition of your stainless steel sink, simply clean daily with mild soap and warm water, and wipe the entire surface dry with a dry, clean, soft cloth after each use. Keep sink free of any standing water to prevent the build-up of mineral deposits that can affect the appearance of your sink. Because iron particles often develop rust spots in stainless steel surfaces, do not leave steel cookware or utensils on the surface of the sink for long periods of time. Do not use cleaners containing acids, harsh chemicals, or abrasives. Use a Stainless Steel Scratch-B-Gone Kit to remove minor scratches and maintain the beauty of your stainless steel fixture.


This stone-like material is made of a poly-resin blend, known as “man-made stone” Resin is solid and consistently colored throughout. Because it can be cast into nearly any form or size, resin sinks and tubs are available

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Tips of getting good quality vanities!

How is the quality of your vanity shopped online? Tips of getting good quality vanities

1. Appearance

You need to check the appearance of the vanity.

  • Observe the vanity surface. On the upper /lower/left/right sides of the cabinet, black lines, dead knots, scratches, particles, dark spots, broken skin, color difference, wrinkles and other defects should not be allowed.
  • Check the inside of the cabinet with your hands. In principle, there should not be any internal defects. If any minor flaws are found, they can be ignored without affecting normal use.
  • The finish of the bathroom cabinet should be smooth, without particles, roughness, fogging, scratches, pinholes etc.
  • Use a tape measure to check the dimensions of the bathroom vanity to see if it is the same size as the one you ordered.
  • The color of the actual arrival product should very much match the product shown on the product page of the website. Color difference which mainly depends on the color depth error and the color error at the joint. Generally, the color of the entire bathroom vanity should be consistent and there should be no difference.
  • The cabinets cannot be inclined or asymmetrical. Things should not be moved while placed on cabinets.

2. Material

After the surface inspection, look at the material. The quality of the material will decide the service life of the bathroom cabinets. Unfortunately, there are quite few businesses on the market that use inferior materials to impersonate high-quality materials. Therefore, you must pay attention to the inspection of your goods.

  • The consistency of materials. You will not want to have different tones from different batch.
  • No crack is allowed.
  • No insect or decay are allowed
  • The materials used must meet the requirements of environmental protection and cannot contain substances that are harmful to human body.

3. Cabinet Doors, drawers

The gap between the cabinet doors should not be more than 3mm. The left and right door panels should be neat and there should be no visual fluctuations. If it is a push-type drawer, the distance between the edge of the drawer and the cabinet should not exceed 3mm. If the gap is too large, water vapor can easily enter and corrode the cabinet contents. However, the gap should not be too small, otherwise the friction, resulting in poor opening and closing, and will affect the product life. During the inspection, check the guide rails of the drawer. A good guide rails can enter and exit freely after a reasonable load without noise.

The door hinge is also the focus of acceptance. The door hinge should be open and closed freely and should not be too loose or too tight. In addition, pay attention to whether the installation position of the door hinge is reasonable and whether it will affect daily use. Finally, check the door hinge for rust.

4. Washbasins

The washbasin is an important part of the bathroom cabinet and is in contact with water every day, so it is also important to check. The surface of the wash basin should be smooth without scratches, and the glaze is smooth and free of bumps. In addition, the water drain under the basin should also be checked to see if it can be easily taken and put and if it will be easy to block.

5. Legs

To check whether the four legs of the cabinet are stable and whether they are on the same level. If the four legs of the cabinet are not stable, the cabinet body is easily stressed. This not only affects the appearance, but will also seriously affect the service life of the bathroom vanity.

Good luck on choosing a good quality vanity!!!

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Feel too hard to distinguish good shower enclosures from bad ones? Here are the tips!  

Shower enclosure has been a very common element of contemporary bathroom designs, and it’s getting a more and more popular. Many consumers don’t know how to distinguish good shower enclosures from bad ones, they love shower cubicles, but often were misled by unscrupulous merchants end up with buying inferior products. Do they know how danger a bad shower cubicle can be? Those glass doors from inferior products in your shower can spontaneously explode!

Let me tell you how to know if it is a good one!

Tempered glass of the shower enclosure

The tempered glass is the most important part of the shower enclosure structure. Many unknown shower enclosure manufacturers/trading company use semi-tempered glass or ordinary glass in order to make more profits, which will lead to an explosion of the shower doors, a huge threat to safety! During the purchasing, you should observe whether the glass is transparent, whether there are defects such as impurity pot or bubbles, and whether there is a 3C certification mark on the glass in china, (DOT in US, Emark in EU, JIS in Japan, SAI in Australia) . High-quality shower enclosure should be made of fully tempered glass for automatics with high permeability and tempered hot lines. As this kind of glass is uniform tempered, it is of high safety, even if accidentally broken will not hurt the body.

The aluminum frame of shower enclosure

As the aluminum frame will bear the weight of tempered glass, which can be tens of kilograms or even hundreds of kilograms, the hardness and thickness of the aluminum plate are very important evaluation indicators. When you chose a shower enclosure, pay attention to the smoothness of the surface, chromatic aberration, if any pinholes, then observe what material it was used. Generally, the aluminum used in the high-quality shower enclosure is aerospace aluminum which were sandblasting with oxidation, being resistant to rot and stainless. The thickness should be more than 1.2mm to keep stability.

The hardware of shower enclosure

The hardware is also very important for the durability of the shower enclosure. Most of the poor quality shower enclosures are equipped with the aluminum which used in construction, of which the hardness is between 15-16. This kind of aluminum is of low price and high hardness, but with many impurities and large brittleness, which is very easily deformed during the usage. Quality shower rooms are made of aerospace aluminum and stainless steel fittings. The aluminum are processed into aluminum magnesium titanium alloy, being very excellent in anti-scratching, anti-fading. The hardness is about 14, moderate hardness& toughness and not brittle. The aluminum wall thickness is 1.5-4mm, not easy to deform.

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