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What Makes a Rectangular Shower the Optimal Choice?

Rectangular Shower

When it comes to choosing the right shower for your bathroom, there are many different options available on the market. From round to square to rectangular, each shape comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, in this article, we will be focusing on the pros, cons, and different types of rectangle showers.

Advantages of Rectangle shower


First and foremost, rectangular showers are known for their spaciousness. The rectangular shape allows for more room inside the shower, making it a great choice for those who prefer a more open and airy feel. This extra space also makes it easier to move around inside the shower, reducing the risk of slipping or falling.


Another advantage of rectangular showers is their versatility. They can be installed in a variety of different bathroom layouts, making them a great choice for both large and small spaces. Additionally, rectangular showers can be customized to fit specific bathroom dimensions, allowing for a more tailored and personalized shower experience.

Sophisticated appearance

Rectangular showers are also known for their sleek and modern appearance. The clean lines and simple design make them a great choice for contemporary bathrooms and minimalist styles. Additionally, the rectangular shape allows for more design options, such as using different types of tiles or incorporating a bench or shelf inside the shower.


In terms of functionality, rectangular showers are also a great choice. The flat walls and floor make it easier to clean and maintain, reducing the risk of mold and mildew buildup. Additionally, the rectangular shape allows for better water drainage, reducing the risk of water pooling or stagnant water.


When it comes to accessibility, rectangular showers are also a great choice. The spaciousness and flat floor make it easier for those with mobility issues to enter and exit the shower. Additionally, the option to customize the shower dimensions allows for the installation of grab bars or other accessibility features.

Water usage

Finally, rectangular showers are also a great choice for those who want to save on water usage. The spaciousness allows for the installation of a low-flow showerhead, reducing water usage without sacrificing the shower experience.

Rectangular showers offer a variety of advantages that make them a great choice for any bathroom. Their spaciousness, versatility, sleek appearance, functionality, accessibility, and water-saving capabilities make them a practical and stylish option for any homeowner. If you’re in the market for a new shower, consider a rectangular one for a truly luxurious and modern shower experience.

Disadvantages of Rectangle shower heads

When it comes to bathroom design, many people are opting for modern and sleek rectangle showers. However, while these showers may look stylish, there are some disadvantages to consider before making a purchase.


One major disadvantage of rectangle showers is their size. While they may be visually appealing, they can take up a lot of space in your bathroom. This can be a problem if you have a smaller bathroom or if you want to install other fixtures like a bathtub or a vanity. It’s important to measure your bathroom carefully and consider the placement of your shower before purchasing a rectangle shower.

Lack of accessibility

Another disadvantage of rectangle showers is their lack of accessibility. If you or a family member has mobility issues, a rectangle shower may not be the best choice. They often have a high threshold that can be difficult to step over, and they may not have enough space for a shower seat or handrails. It’s important to consider the needs of everyone who will be using the shower before making a purchase.

Difficulty to clean

Rectangle showers can also be difficult to clean. Their sleek design may look great, but it can also make it difficult to reach all the nooks and crannies where dirt and grime can accumulate. Additionally, the corners of rectangle showers can be hard to clean, and mold and mildew can easily grow in these areas. Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep your rectangle shower looking its best.


Rectangle showers can be expensive. While they may be a stylish addition to your bathroom, they often come with a higher price tag than other types of showers. If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to consider other options like a traditional shower/tub combination or a simple corner shower.

While rectangle showers may be a popular choice for modern bathrooms, they do come with some disadvantages. Before making a purchase, it’s important to consider the size of your bathroom, the needs of everyone who will be using the shower, the maintenance requirements, and the cost. By taking these factors into account, you can make an informed decision about whether a rectangle shower is the right choice for your bathroom.

Different types of Rectangular showers

Are you in the market for a rectangle shower? With so many different types of rectangle showers available, it can be overwhelming to decide which one best fits your needs. In this article, we’ll break down the different types of rectangle showers to help you make an informed decision.

Rectangle Shower Kit

A rectangle shower kit is an all-in-one solution that includes the shower tray, walls, and door. This type of shower is easy to install and typically comes in either acrylic or fiberglass material. The downside to a rectangle shower kit is that you have limited design options and may need to compromise on certain features.

Rectangle Shower Tray

A rectangular shower tray is simply the base of the shower. It’s important to choose a tray that is sturdy and durable, as it will be the foundation of your shower. There are many different materials to choose from, including acrylic, fiberglass, and stone resin. Keep in mind that some materials may be more expensive than others.

Rectangular Shower Enclosure with Sliding Door

A rectangle shower enclosure with a sliding door is a popular choice for those who want a sleek, modern look. This type of shower typically features tempered glass walls and a sliding door that saves space. You can choose from a variety of finishes, including chrome and brushed nickel, to match your bathroom decor.

Rectangle Shower Drain

A rectangle shower drain is an essential component of any rectangular shower. It’s important to choose a high-quality drain that is easy to clean and won’t clog easily. Some drains come with built-in hair catchers to prevent clogs, which is a great feature to look for.

Rectangle Rain Shower Head

A rectangle rain shower head is a luxurious addition to any rectangular shower. This type of shower head is typically larger than traditional shower heads and provides a rainfall-like experience. You can choose from a variety of finishes and styles to match your bathroom decor.

Rectangle Shower Base

A rectangle shower base is similar to a rectangle shower tray, but it typically has a built-in slope for better drainage. This type of shower base is typically made from acrylic or fiberglass and is easy to install. Make sure to choose a shower base that is the right size for your rectangle shower enclosure.

Rectangle walk in Shower

A rectangle walk in shower is a popular choice for those who want a spacious shower without a door. This type of shower typically features a low threshold for easy access and can be customized with different materials and finishes.

Rectangle Corner Shower Kit

A rectangle corner shower kit is a great option for those who have limited space in their bathroom. This type of shower typically features sliding doors and can be installed in the corner of the room to save space. Keep in mind that you may need to compromise on certain features with a corner shower kit.

There are many different types of rectangle showers to choose from. Consider your budget, design preferences, and space limitations when choosing the right shower for your needs. With the right shower, you can transform your bathroom into a luxurious oasis.


A Rectangle shower head offers several advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when purchasing a shower head. One of the advantages of a rectangle shower head is its modern and sleek design that can add a contemporary feel to any bathroom. Another advantage is their larger size, which provides a more even and thorough water distribution. However, rectangle shower heads are not without their disadvantages. They can be more difficult to clean and maintain and they may not fit into all bathrooms due to their size. 

When choosing a rectangular showerhead, it is important to consider the different types available. Ceiling-mounted rectangle shower heads offer a luxurious spa-like experience, while wall-mounted options provide more flexibility in terms of placement and adjustability. It is also essential to consider the material and finish of the shower head, as well as the water pressure and flow rate needed for your specific bathroom. 

Rectangle shower heads can be a great addition to any bathroom, providing a sleek and modern design as well as thorough water distribution. However, it is important to consider the potential drawbacks and choose the type and style that best suits your needs and preferences. With careful consideration, a rectangular shower head can transform your daily shower routine into a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

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The Designing Ace: Orton’s One-Piece Toilet

Baths and toilets that have been appropriately designed give those using them plenty of room. A bathroom or bath with even a minor design flaw could take up more space than it should, which would be problematic for the room’s functionality.

Because of the small space, protruding objects, and other design problems, the bathroom should be comfortable, and you do not need to watch your step. To ensure sufficient walking space, storage space, and general flow, the floor plan and bath/toilet design must be suitable. This is why the intricacies of toilet and bath design are highly significant.

If in doubt, choose a bathroom design that prioritises function over aesthetics. This area is designed to help you relax, unwind, and take your mind off the difficulties of everyday life. In addition, several homeowners concurrently use their bathroom with their significant other. If you happily share your bathroom with your important other or children, you must emphasise space over all else. If you have enough space to accommodate more than one person in the room, it truly depends on how your bath and toilet are designed.

The Orton One-Piece Toilet features a broad skirt for a sleek appearance and simple cleaning. The long bowl provides a soothing sensation. With the dual-flush feature, you can save water without sacrificing performance.


  • With high-performance dual flush Durable Ceramic Material
  • Elongated Bowl Provides More Space and Comfort 3.3 / 4.8L per flush
  • Quick-Release, Soft-Close Tank, Bowl, Seat, Wax Ring, Bolt Kit, and Cover Caps are all included in the toilet seat.

Try Orton’s One-Piece Toilet to spike up the bathroom design and change the toilet design game. Visit to choose from our diverse designs of the one-piece toilet; we have all the best world-class designs.

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The “Secret” of Porcelain Toilets

Why similar appearance but different price ? Why reliable supplier is so important? A lot of secret behind the toilet you see, that Orton will help you reveal.

Why good-quality toilet cannot be cheap?

  • Better Grinding Machine& Longer Grinding time

The finer powder, the higher density. Better Stain/wear resistance

  • Modern equipment& Automatic production to ensure the quality

Compared with Manual operation, Machine assure better accuracy & consistency in quality

  • Better Material

Good toilet should be composed of high-quality Gaolin Clay + powered quartz, which is of higher refractoriness and plasticity

  • High-Pressure casting machine

Expensive but More efficient and make the toilet body more compact & durable

  • High-crystal nano self-cleaning glaze &uses a special small-caliber spray gun to make the glazing layer more light and uniform

Glazing is a very crucial part of the toilet production process. The glazing layer affect the functions of anti-seepage, easy cleaning, sterilization and anti-pollution.

  • Kiln temperature controlled by computer instead of traditional manual control

The temperature in the kiln under traditional manual control is only about 1000 °C and the temperature difference in the kiln is huge. Therefore, the quality produced is unstable even they are from same batch. For imported computer controlled high temperature kiln, the temperature in the kiln is as high as 1260 °C, the temperature difference at any point in the kiln is less than 5 °C. The cost is higher, but the quality of the produced products is much more stable.

  • Firing time

The Firing time of the good toilet is particularly long  , which ensure that the toilet is completely porcelainized, as dense as a porcelain bowl, with high hardness and wear resistance!

  • More strict quality inspection

–Good-quality toilet has passed machine inspection and manual inspection. Strictly check the size, specifications and intensity of flushing. The national standards are the same, but the internal control standards of each brand are different. The test include Water Leaking Test, flush test, Water consumption test ,Surface wash test ,Tightness/Vacuum test ,Assemble test, whether the glaze is smooth etc.

  • Longer lifespan Flushing System

Good quality toilet are normally equipped with branded flushing system ,such as Geberit, R&T, WDI etc, which works more than 10 years, even 20 years.

  • UF Seat cover

UF is harder, more anti-scratch, more durable than PP material.

Why some toilets can be very cheap?

  • Less material & equipment invest
  • More defects are allowed (Less strict standard)
  • Less energy consumption during production by shorting the firing time
  • Some cracked toilets may be repaired for sell. Hard to tell by appearance, but after being used for a period of time, the repaired part will turn yellow and hold some dirty. Especially, If the repaired crack place is in the load-bearing part of the toilet, the toilet may crush during using, which is very dangerous
  • Cheap flushing system from small factory without guarantee

How to choose toilet?

  • The appearance/glaze should be smooth and glossy
  • Check the weight of the tank cover. The heavier, the better. Because it means higher density
  • One drain hole is preferred, because it is of better performance in flushing
  • Large-diameter sewage outlet with glazing on the inner surface will not hang dirty easily and it will be helpful in preventing blockage.
  • UF seat cover is better than PP
  • Flushing system should be good quality. And the size should be common, which will be easier to be replaced if any problem happen
  • Check if it’s repaired toilet (Scratch it with a blade in case any rough part when touch. If there is some white gummy stuff, the toilet may be repaired from some defected one.)
  • Surface wash test: Apply the oily paint to the inner wall of the toilet for two hours, then wash the glaze with water.
  • Flush test

Must Check:

Must Check: